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Toenail fungus can make showing off your feet embarrassing and cause pain when you walk. At Pinnacle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Westminster, Colorado, Katherine Parodi, DPM, and Jacob Stuart, DPM, treat the discoloration and nail degradation associated with toenail fungus. Their therapies will clear up a stubborn infection, so you have clear, healthy nails. Call today to set up an appointment or use this website to book online.  

How did I acquire toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is quite common, affecting about one in every 10 people. As you get older, toenail fungus becomes even more common. It’s estimated that 50% of people older than 70 have it.

The fungus gets into your nail when you have a small crack or cut. 

You can pick up a fungal infection in a public shower, locker room, or pool deck. It spreads quickly, especially in dark, moist environments, like sweaty or wet socks and shoes.

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?

At first, toenail fungus causes just a mild discoloration or brittleness of your nail. The infection penetrates deeper into your toenail and may spread to other toes with time. 

You’ll notice symptoms like: 

  • Thickening of the nail
  • Scaly, flaky skin under the nail
  • A nail with a powdery, crumbly, or brittle texture
  • White, yellow, or brown spots on the nail
  • Chalky or cloudy coloration to the nail
  • Dark debris under the nail
  • Detached nails

As the fungal infection progresses, you’ll even notice a foul odor coming from your toenail. 

Early treatment for toenail fungus prevents it from spreading. 

How do you treat toenail fungus?

Treating toenail fungus can prevent you from losing the nail altogether.

Over-the-counter treatments are often ineffective in destroying toenail fungus. At Pinnacle Foot and Ankle Clinic, the team provides prescription strength topical medications that kill the fungus present at the nail's surface. 

If the fungus has penetrated beneath your nail, you may need an oral medication along with a topical cream. Laser treatment can also take care of stubborn nail fungus. 

How can I prevent toenail fungus?

Regular washing and drying of your feet and changing your socks and shoes regularly goes a long way in preventing toenail fungus. Always wear flip-flops or water shoes in public pools or showers and thoroughly dry your feet if they get wet. Breathable shoes and socks help discourage fungal toenails, too. 

Call Pinnacle Foot and Ankle Center today to set up an appointment and get treatment for toenail fungus. Alternatively, use this website to schedule a visit online.